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A Nova Scotia love story...

Maybe it’s the early morning cereal, or the late night milkshakes. Maybe it’s because our milk has been on your table for over 80 years, or because every drop of it comes from farms right here in Nova Scotia. Maybe it’s the fresh taste. Maybe it’s the delicious ice cream. All we know for sure is – everyone loves farmers. Even the cows.

Willy Versteeg

What Willy loves the most about his job is the variety of the work, like “getting to be a shirt-and-tie businessman one day, and a mechanic or equipment operator the next.” He also loves extra-old cheddar cheese, his favourite Farmers product. (We made him pick just one.) That, and one cow in particular: Harriet. “She’s the cow that has it all,” he says, “ including a great disposition and personality.” So it was an easy choice for Willy when we asked him to pick his best cow for Farmers' new campaign. We put salt on his face to entice her to kiss him. But we suspect she would have kissed him anyways, returning the love he has shown her all these years.
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Dean Cole

Dean Cole bought his farm three decades ago, but still loves being outside with the animals and spending time with his family while working. His son not only helps out on the farm, he’s also helped expand Dean’s imagination when it comes to naming the cows. Roadrash and Uzuri, are just two examples, but it’s Kara that comes to mind when he’s forced to pick a favourite. When Dean found out he was chosen for Farmers' new campaign, he was shocked and delighted. "Why'd ya pick an old man like me?" he asked. His loveable laugh during production confirmed he was the perfect choice. 
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Niels and Jake Langelaan

Langelaan brothers Jake and Niels grew up working on their farm, “but I finally started getting paid for it when I was about 14,” Jake jokes. Niels loves the variety of work on the farm, and taking a break for chocolate milk. Jake loves seeing his hard work pay off, and Kitchen Party Medley ice cream. They both love that Farmers Dairy is 100% locally owned and operated. “It’s a big company, but it’s run by a lot of small families, like ours, working together.” Neils is featured in some of the photography used in Farmers' new campaign, and Jake is the star of one of our new videos. Why settle for one loveable Langelaan when we can have two?
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