Made Fresh Locally

Farmers has been made in Nova Scotia, by Nova Scotians, for nearly 100 years.

Farmers Homogenized Milk
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2 L
2 L Jug
4 L Bag
4 L Jug

A Maritimes tradition for more than 90 years. Farmers homogenized milk is refreshing, high in calcium, and full of benefits for you and your family. It’s as good to cook with as it is to drink!

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Taste the local freshness of Farmers milks.

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Farmers specialty milks are for all occasions—always fresh and local.

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Taste the local freshness of Farmers creams.

From timeless favourites like Vanilla and Chocolate to children’s must-haves and all the way to rich adult flavours, we have a wide selection of flavours that fits your family taste!

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Top off your favourite treat with Farmers by Natrel Sour Cream or bake it right in for an extra rich and creamy taste.