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Be Empowered

I act on my own initiative and I see things through until the end.
I take into account all data available to me when making decisions or choices.
I show drive and determination to succeed.
I take on challenging assignments.
I treat the business as my own.

Be Collaborative

I deliver what I promise.
I take pride in delivering high quality work.
I take responsibility for my mistakes, and work to correct them.
I share information and seek out information from others.
I invite feedback.
I adapt my approach to the ever evolving needs of the organization.
I support teams and projects beyond my own.

Be Innovative

I challenge existing thinking.
I am curious and ask questions.
I engage in generating new ideas and I fail fast.
I am open to new ideas and embrace change.
I cultivate entrepreneurial thinking and I seek out new ways of doing thing.
I love to learn.

Be Courageous

I listen with the intent to understand.
I am not afraid to be myself.
I set an example through action and involvement.
I speak up when it serves the greater good.
I trust the intentions of those around me.

Be Involved

I channel positive energy into all that I do. I am community minded.
I build positive relationships with people throughout the company.
I am community minded.
I act in service to those around me. I act in service to those around me. We must always ensure our customers/consumers see themselves as our number one priority.